Happy New Year! Oh, and I’ll be home in about three (3 [III {4-1}]) weeks.

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Family, Friends, Texans: Lend me your ears!
I’ve rung in the new year, if not in style, then at least in a different way. I participated in a New Years Bash at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait! Woo-Hoo! Oh, wait, that isn’t cause for celebration. Let’s see: no alcohol, no intimate contact with the ladies, to include kissing (well, ahem, you’re not supposed to), no fireworks–but we did have hundreds of balloons that were ceremoniously popped!–and no civilian clothes. That’s right, I spent New Years in my PT uniform! It was kinda nice for when I played Twister with those two Air Force gals, however. But I digress… Suffice to say, I’ve had better New Years celebrations. Here’s to the night-time festivities of day 366, 2008!*

I’m about to buy my plane ticket for Sunday, 19 JAN 2008, so I should be home then-ish. I plan to take at least 2 weeks, if not the full 30 days I’m allotted. I’ll see how well y’all pamper, dote upon, and spoil me, and then decide how long to stay. (I’m making a mental list of all the different foods I want as I type this… Wink!)

Bear (bare? Bayer?) this in mind: my chain of command has ever-so-thoughtlessly NOT told us subserviant peons (I like to think of it as peed-upons, but that’s just me) of the wash-rack detail when our official block of leave is. What? That’s ridiculous you say? Of course it is. Otherwise they’d be doing something well administratively, which is, shall we say, a stretch for these fellas? Anyhoo, that means that that’s my best guess / more-or-less taking it when I feel like it. So we’ll see how well I hit the mark. Cross your digits!

It’s about time to wrap this little near-diatribe up, don’t you think? I love you all, and I’ll see you when I see you! Via con dios, mis familia y amigos! Oh, and… <insert witty comment on some ridiculously hilarious thing here>!!!

*(Ooh, you forgot it was a leap-year, didn’t you?)

FOB Sedgwick: Now With Phones and Internet!

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Yep, it’s true! Unfortunately there are only 3 phones and 3 computers serving (currently) around 150 people. Yeah, it might be difficult to get on ‘em as soon as everyone else finds out about ‘em… Other than that, not much to say here. If you’re interested in keeping up w/ what’s going on w/ me, sign up to the forum, ‘cuz I post more regularly there than I do here on the front page… Later.

I’m in Iraq, and moving

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Able Co will be occupying a new OP that we’re building, and I’ll be living out there, eventually.  Supposedly we’re gonna have phones and internet set up in a week or two, but don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a while!  (I’m pretty sure y’all aren’t surprised by that at all, huh?  <wink>)

I’m headed off to Iraq… Again.

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I’ve been told to be ready to go the weekend of 17 August.  Not much else to report, other than that I’ve replaced the forum software with a much better one, with more features and (hopefully) pretty much spam-proof.  We shall see, hmm?  Anyway, you’ll have to re-register if you were a member of the old forum.  Please, if you want to keep in touch with me while I’m in Iraq, this is probably your best bet.  Hasta luego…

Man, It’s Been Even Longer Than Last Time!

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Sorry folks, but I’ve been busy: busy workin’ for The Man (aka “Uncle Sam”), and not paying enough attention to what was happening to me, Shane Allen (.US ;) )  As a result of that, I’ve been MEDEVAC’ed out of my battalion’s AO (Area of Operation).  However, this isn’t to say that I’m severely injured; I’ve just got a couple of minor foot injuries that couldn’t be properly treated back in Ramadi.  Rest assured, I’ll be “back on my feet,” as the saying goes, soon enough…  Hasta Luego!

A Little Behind!

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I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I’ve been busy being deployed. I originally planned to keep this front page updated frequently, but since it’s still a pain in the ass to get on the internet, I will probably forego the homepage for the most part, and instead concentrate on the forums.

 Oh, by the way, I’m in Iraq… Back in the same general area of Ramadi, by the way! Fun times… Check the forum for up-to-date news!

 P.S. That “Bored” icon actually represents “tired” for me… it’s 4am here…

Kickin’ it in Kuwait

I’m at Camp Buehring, Kuwait for “climatization” before we go to Iraq.  I’ve been here for a few days now, and it’s pretty nice here: the chow halls are excellent, with a wide variety of food for every meal, and they even have midnight chow!  There are also pay restaurants here, like a Subway, Taco Bell, a couple of Burger Kings, and a few others, but I really don’t even see the need to go to ‘em when I can get great food for free.  I’m gonna keep this brief so that I can check the forum, ‘cuz I’m here with a buddy who only needs a few minutes.  I’ll catch up w/ y’all when I can, ok?

(Maybe) Last post on US soil for a year!

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It’s nearing that time, folks.  The time when my company packs up and moves off to warmer weather, living conditions that will bring us closer together, and see some people who, as a whole, just can’t decide if they want us there or not.  That’s right: we are nearing deployment time!  We’ll be busy, plus I’ve got to pack up my ‘puter and interweb stuff, so I may not be able to update this for some time; it could be days, it could be weeks, or even months.  Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, ‘cuz y’all know how I like my internet!  Anyway, please keep me and my fellow Soldiers in your thoughts and prayers.  I’ll talk to you ASAP! 

Remember, you can leave messages in the Forum any time you want; I can read them whenever I get the chance, and I’ll answer what needs answering when I can, as well.

The forum is up

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Please go take a look at it and try it out if you’ve got anything on your mind!  You may either click HERE, or on the link in the sidebar to the left.  It’s pretty straightforward for registration (it helps, but isn’t required, to be a member of the forum) and navigation, but if anyone has trouble, let me know by commenting on this Thought.
Long Overdue!

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Hello, my peoples!  Friends, Countrymen, Romans, all that.  Sorry I haven’t written in a while; the newness and awesomeness of having my own website wore off, and I got bored with it.  Hence, no updates.  But it’s nearly time for me to go back to my favorite tropical oasis we call Iraq, and the main point of me creating this site was to keep y’all informed, so it’s time to get back to it.  You guys bear with me, ‘cuz it might be a wild ride.  Or maybe mild, you never know.  Here we go!         

Well, a lot has happened since August 14!  Let’s see if I can recap for ya…  Um, Whitney and Deidra came up to the ‘Springs (Colorado Springs, CO, immediately north of post) back on the weekend of 17th-20th of August.  We had a great time playing volleyball (after driving all day, they met us @ Sharky’s, a bar with beach volleyball courts outside) on Thursday night with Doc Barrow and his girlfriend Nicole, who came in from Cali, and some drunken 2nd Platoon guys, who shall remain nameless to protect their dignity.  HA!  Actually, I think they’d be proud for me to put their names IN BOLD, ITALICIZED, AND ALL CAPS, because they beat us in every game we played, drunkenness be damned.  But I refuse to give them the satisfaction.

The most awesome thing that we all did that weekend was on Saturday, when we rafted the Arkansas river!  Seven of us went: me, Whit, Dee, Doc Barrow, Nicole, Jeremy Payne, and Travis Kesner.  The guides told us that the water level was only about a quarter of it’s peak (which it reaches in the Spring, when the snows melt down out of the mountains), but we’d had a lot of rain that week so it was a lot better than it had been in weeks.  Nice.  I can’t remember how long of a trip we took, but it was around five miles, I believe.  We went under the Royal Gorge Bridge, which is approximately 1200 ft above the river!  The main span of the bridge is 880 ft, but down in the river it’s only about 50-100 ft on average, with some parts of the river narrowing down to about 30 ft across, with walls almost straight up.  That was fun, let me tell you! 

All too quickly, the weekend was over and Whit and Dee returned home, but we had a great time while they were here.  I can’t wait ’til the ski season of ‘07 when they can come back up for some winter fun!  Hint, Hint.